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SASED Programs Overview

SASED Programs

Southeast Alternative School serves as a day school program for students with disabilities from our SASED member districts, whose social, emotional, behavioral and/or academic needs have not been able to be met with less restrictive special education supports and services.  Southeast Alternative School provides programming for students enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Multi-Needs Program is designed to provide quality educational experiences to SASED member district students who have multiple disabilities which significantly impact their education.  All students in Multi-Needs classrooms have some level of cognitive delay and may have other disabilities such as speech/language delays, physical challenges, sensory processing deficits, medical needs and/or autism.  Instruction is provided in a small, structured classroom setting with a highly qualified Special Education Teacher, trained Teacher Assistants, Speech Therapists, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Music Therapist, Movement Therapist, Recreation Therapist and other specialists depending on the needs of the students. The classrooms are located in general education buildings throughout the cooperative. Students are placed in educational settings that are age appropriate, offer opportunities for inclusion and are as close as possible to their district of residence. Community based instructional programming can also be a significant part of this curriculum.  The program is individualized and personally designed to meet the needs of each student from Early Childhood through High School. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program serves students with identified hearing loss from the 92 member school districts of DuPage/West Cook Regional Association. The early childhood through 8th grade classrooms are located in several schools throughout DuPage County. SASED has a wide continuum of programming for children with hearing loss, including auditory oral and total communication philosophy options.  Each programming option focusses on filling in the language and auditory gaps caused by students’ hearing loss and returning students to their home schools as soon as the IEP team determines they are ready.  The classrooms are currently located in cluster sites within SASED member districts.  Early childhood classrooms are located in a separate center.

Visually Impaired Program serves students who are blind/visually impaired from the 92 member school districts of DuPage/West Cook Regional Association.  A full continuum of programming is available from Early Childhood through Transition for those students who are determined to need an intensive and /or specialized instruction due to their visual impairment.  The classrooms are currently located in one High School district and its feeder Elementary district which allows for continuity of curriculum.  

Physically Impaired Program SASED operates a program for High School and Transition aged students with significant physical disabilities from the 92 member school districts of DuPage/West Cook Regional Association.  The High School program provides a continuum of instructional support levels for the students.  In addition there are a full range of related serves available to meet the needs of all students including but not limited to, nursing, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and adapted physical education.  Community based instruction/programming is also a significant part of the curriculum.


Itinerant Services are available to all SASED member districts. Itinerant teachers are on hand to provide consultative level services to students with hearing, vision, and orthopedic impairments.


State Grants SASED currently acts as fiscal agent and supports the daily operations of statewide grants that facilitate and enhance inclusion, positive behavior intervention, services for students with autism and their families, parent training and transition services across Illinois. The grants include Project CHOICES/EARLY CHOICES, Illinois PBIS, the Autism Technical Assistance Combined Grant, Parent and Partnership Educator, Surrogate Parent Program and Transition.


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