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Programs: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs: Fairwood Preschool


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Fairwood Preschool

Fairwood Preschool

543 E. Taylor Road
Lombard, IL 60148
Phone: (630) 705 - 0691
Fax: (630) 705 - 1015

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DHH Coordinator:
Stacy Wentz: swentz@sased.org


Sue Overton soverton@sased.org


Kim Birch: kbirch@sased.org

Melinda Harold: mharold@sased.org

Jessica Holle: jholle@sased.org


Support Staff:

Social Worker: Jennifer Dowling - jdowling@sased.org

Speech/language: Shannon Bohnert - sbohnert@sased.org

Speech/language: Jennifer Gusentine - jgusentine@sased.org

Physical Therapist: Kathleen Erpenbach - kerpenbach@sased.org

Occupational Therapist: Jennifer Hart - jhart@sased.org


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Fairwood Preschool is a program for three to five year old children who have hearing loss.  While full day sessions each day of the week are encouraged, schedules can be modified based on student need.  The school has three classes that provide an environment that is child friendly and rich in communication and language building experiences.  All classrooms target the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards for early childhood education.  There are two total communication classrooms where visual supports and sign language along with oral communication are used and one auditory oral classroom where students develop listening and spoken language through audition. 


All the children use either hearing aids and/or cochlear implants.  Some students are provided with an FM system based on the SASED audiologist’s recommendations.  A full range of therapies are available dependent on the child’s individual needs.  All teachers are certified to instruct children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  All support staff are experienced in working with children who have hearing loss.  Parents are encouraged to visit and participate in school activities.  Sign language classes and parent information nights are also scheduled throughout the school year.


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