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Programs: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs: North School


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North School

North School
150 W. Sunset Villa Park, IL 60181
Phone: 630-516-7629 (DHH)   630-516-7790 (Main Office)
Fax: 630-530-1385

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Principal: Fred Leinweber: fleinweber@d45.org

SASED Administrator: 

Stacy Wentz: swentz@sased.org



Sue Overton soverton@sased.org

Billie Franger - bfranger@sased.org
Denise Hage - dhage@sased.org

Denise Lusk - dlusk@sased.org

Carol Rudy - crudy@sased.org
Dawn Ryan - dryan@sased.org

Support Staff:
School Counselor: Robin Cullen- rcullen@sased.org
Speech/language Pathologists:

Occupational Therapy – Sue Novak: snovak@sased.org
Physical Therapy – Dina Barajaz:  dbarajaz@sased.org


The deaf and hard of hearing program at North School provides classes for students needing self-contained or mainstream experiences.  Students are welcomed at all of North School’s activities. The amount of mainstreaming is determined by the child’s IEP.  Sign language interpreters are provided for all mainstream activities as needed.


North School has classrooms that support auditory oral and total communication philosophies.  Students in the auditory oral classroom are not supported with sign language but with instructional strategies targeted to develop language and listening through auditory development. In the total communication classrooms, teachers use speech and sign language for all instruction.  Other visual supports such as Visual Phonics, PECS, and Color Coded Language are used to teach language and communication skills.  All staff are certified and experienced in working with students who are have hearing loss. 


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