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Programs: Visually Impaired Programs: Swartz


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Swartz School

2nd through 4th Grade Programs for V.I. Children

17 West 160 16th Street
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181

Phone:  630/834-9256


Liz Deignan (3rd-5th) ldeignan@sased.org

Jennifer Edwards (4th-5th) jedwards@sased.org

Stephanie Snyder (3rd-5th) ssnyder@sased.org

Swartz is the typical school in School District DuPage 48 that houses second through fourth graders who reside in District 48.  The Visually Impaired program goes throughout the District with typically aged peers so that students will have continuity with peers and curriculum.

The curriculum for print reading students with visual impairments continue to parallel that of their sighted peers with material modifications and additional materials for support.  However, for the braille reading students, the intense part of braille is mastered somewhere from the end of second grade to the end of third grade.  This, of course, is for students who were introduced to braille at the kindergarten level, students who lose vision later, have a different learning time.  At the point that the code is mastered, the braille reading student then has the tools to use reading for learning; since the basic learning of reading has occurred.

Swartz also has students with additional needs who have a more functionally based curriculum concentrating on the domains of:  social, vocational, language, motor, and technical.  Skills are taught with a more concrete application than a typical classroom might use.  For example, students are responsible for completing daily hygiene activities, using functional money skills throughout their day, completing work activities, and in many cases using a behavioral plan to maintain appropriate behavior as part of their day.


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