Who does SASED serve?
SASED programs, services and supports are available to the staffs, students and families of the 18 member districts which make up our special education cooperative.  SASED also provides specialized programming and services for students who are blind/visually impaired and to those who are deaf/hard of hearing, for an additional 76 districts who are members of the DuPage West Cook Regional Cooperative.

I am a parent of a special-needs child, how do I access SASED programs and services?
Access to SASED programs and services is only available through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process with your local school district team.  SASED is a part of the continuum of programming and services for its member districts and the DuPage West Cook districts.

My child is enrolled in a SASED classroom, how do I find contact information for his/her teacher and therapists?
Information about all SASED classrooms and staff is available through our school listing which can be found at the bottom of homepage.

I need copies of my child's records, who do I obtain them from?
SASED staff keep only "temporary records" for students enrolled in our programs (ex. current IEP, classroom assessment data, pertinent health information, etc.).  The students complete and permanent records/files are maintained by your district of residence.

Where are the school and district calendars located on the website?
Every district has its calendar listed on each of their schools informational page.  You can find a listing of each school at the bottom of our front page.

I am a SASED staff member, how do I access resources such as e-mail, forms, etc?
SASED has made more information and resources available to community members, families, district representatives and professional staff.  Guests and families can access information through the Parent Resources link at the top of this page.  SASED district administrators and professional staff can access forms and information through the MySASED portal at the top of the page.

I am a Member District Administrator, where are the service forms now located on the website?
Service forms and other information for our Member District Administrators can be found through our MySASED portal found at the top of the page.