SASED Guide to 2020-21

Welcome to the SASED Guide to 2020-21

SASED is committed to on-going communication with staff and families to update the status of remote learning plans and any transitions back to in-person instruction.  Please check back often for updates.

Please click on the items listed under each topic below to learn more.

  • Learning & Assessment
  • About

  • Key Definitions

  • Illinois Learning Standards

  • Remote Learning Days - Planning

  • Remote Learning Days - Delivery

  • Remote Learning Days - Feedback & Assessment

  • Blended Remote Learning Days - Planning

  • Blended Remote Learning Days - Delivery

  • Blended Remote Learning Days - Feedback & Assessment

  • Health & Safety
  • Equity & Diverse Learning
  • Special Education

  • English Learners

  • Individual Site Plans

  • Operations
  • Transportation

  • Student Meals

  • Communications
  • Communication Information

  • Technology
  • Technology Information

Classroom Contact Information
For contact information, please click on a Program below, then click on your teacher's name.
  • Itinerant Staff

For Help

We appreciate your patience as we all learn this new system together!

  • Is your question about curriculum, classwork, grades?  Please ask your student's teacher.  Classroom contact information can be found below the Remote Learning Calendar.
  • Is your question about related services or IEPs?  Please contact your student’s program administrator or IEP team member directly.
  • Is your question not related to either curriculum or tech?  Do you have some feedback to share?  Please complete the Parent Questions Form and we'll get the right person to connect with you.

For additional information, please visit our Parent COVID-19 Resources page or the SASED Parent Resources page.

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