Technology Department

Technology at the School Association for Special Education in DuPage County is utilized to support student learning in an engaged, educationally-focused environment, and to provide students with dynamic learning opportunities. 

The SASED Technology Team is dedicated to developing a strategic use of technology, optimizing resources, and reducing operational inefficiencies, thus maximizing time spent on educational technology, process management, and staff development.

Our mission is to enhance the educational experience for all students and staff through the daily use of technology resources and high quality educational applications.  We are committed to implementing technology to support a learning environment for all learners without boundaries.


The SASED Technology Team strives to provide a secure, stable, and user friendly network environment while maintaining a robust and flexible infrastructure.  SASED’s Tech Team provides all aspects of technology services and support for SASED networks, in-house servers and storage, data transport, security, administration, and engineering.  Comprised of a data center as well as individual, on-premise servers and associated educational support technologies at each school and Cooperative building, our team also provides dedicated technology support to approximately 500 SASED staff members and our students located throughout our 18 member districts.

Help Desk

The aim of SASED's Help Desk is to provide better service and communication throughout the help desk process.  This online system allows users to submit tickets and track the progress of their requests.  Users receive email notification that their request has been received, which Tech has been assigned to the ticket, and confirmation when the request has been resolved.   

Student Information and Assessment

Robust and comprehensive data collection and analysis systems that produce accurate, timely, relevant, and understandable high-value data while properly protecting student privacy are paramount in informing instruction and evaluating progress.  To that end, the SASED Technology Department continues to work toward increasing the interoperability of current systems, while implementing new systems and databases to provide the most dynamic output.


MySASED’s purpose is to unite SASED staff and Member Districts in one place no matter where you are located.  MySASED will provide you with up to date documents, announcements, forms, shared links of interest, and resources.

MySASED is an integrated collection of capabilities that will be accessible from any web based device, at work, at home, or on the road.  You will be able to search, find, and share resources, easily and efficiently. Collaborate with your team members, SASED classrooms, programs, and departments.

Connect, create, and succeed through one central location.