Directions Overview

The Directions Program is designed for academically capable 3rd through 12th grade students from the 18 member districts of SASED, who need intensive support in social emotional skill development. The program offers a safe, supportive, and therapeutic learning environment with a low student to teacher ratio for students with significant mental health issues. It provides integrated cognitive-behavior therapeutic interventions within a rigorous academic curriculum. The Directions Program classrooms are co-facilitated by a special education teacher and licensed school social worker. The team employs evidence-based academic and social-emotional curriculums that are differentiated based on students’ needs. The team focuses on a strengths-based, proactive and positive approach for teaching academic and social skills. They also emphasize responsible behavior and respectful interactions between adults and students, as well as between peers. The Directions Program offers support and training for strengthening parent-child interactions. The Directions Program is intended for students who do not manifest aggressive, or acting out behaviors.


Students are determined to be eligible for the SASED Directions program through the IEP process in their home districts.  SASED programs are just one option in the continuum of supports, services and placements available to meet a student’s needs.

Curriculum and Instruction

The Directions program offers highly structured learning environments utilizing differentiated instruction for academics and social emotional learning (SEL). Learning occurs in a positive, proactive and preventative small class size environment with a high adult-to-student ratio. Instruction is conducted at grade level, utilizing general education core curriculums.


SASED has made more information and resources available to community members, families, district representatives and professional staff.  Guests and families can access information through the Parent Resources link at the top of this page.  SASED district administrators and professional staff can access forms and information through the MySASED portal at the top of the page.

Contact Information

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