Multi-Needs Overview

The SASED Multi-Needs Program is designed to provide quality educational experiences to students registered in one of the 18 member districts of SASED who have multiple disabilities which significantly impact their education.  All students in the Multi-Needs program have some level of cognitive delay and may have other disabilities such as speech/language delays, physical challenges, sensory processing deficits, medical needs and/or autism. Multi-Needs classrooms are located in SASED member district school buildings throughout DuPage County. Students are placed in educational settings that are age appropriate, offer opportunities for inclusion in general education and are as close as possible to their district of residence (i.e., the student’s home district). The program is individualized and personally designed to meet the needs of each student from Early Childhood through High School.  


Students are determined to be eligible for the SASED Multi-Needs program through the IEP process in their home districts.  SASED programs are just one option in the continuum of supports, services and placements available to meet a student’s needs.

Curriculum and Instruction

Instruction is provided in a small, structured classroom setting with a highly qualified Special Education Teacher, trained Teacher Assistants, Speech Therapists, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Music Therapists, Movement Therapists, Recreation Therapists and other specialists depending on the needs of the students. Community based instruction/programming can also be a significant part of this curriculum.

The curriculum used in the Multi-Needs program is designed to enhance the student's ability to become as independent as possible in the real world. A multi-sensory approach to instruction is used in order to give students exposure to different ways to learn. The functional academic curriculum is tailor made to each student's needs and instruction is provided in small groups as well as one to one instruction. The classroom setting is structured, stimulating and supportive of individual learning styles. The use of technology is a highly motivating medium for students with disabilities to access information. A variety of specialized software and hardware is used in order to adapt a computer or other assistive technology device to each student's ability. A variety of specialized equipment is used to enhance students' learning by providing them with the proper positioning and therapeutic intervention.

The Multi-Needs program is designed to provide students with multiple means to communicate and to get their needs, desires and thoughts across to others. Students are exposed to oral motor activities designed to enhance verbal expression; sign language instruction; augmentative communication devices designed to help students communicate and the use of written or pictorial methods of expressing their needs. The primary goal of speech and language instruction is to develop a comprehensive method for students to communicate in the real world.

The Multi-Needs program at the high school level is designed to prepare students to successfully transition into the community. One of the most important goals of this program is to prepare students to become a part of an integrated employment force, develop the skills to live as independently as possible, continue to develop their educational interests, participate in fulfilling recreational activities and serve the community through volunteer work. A team of specialists collaborates with the student and family to help students learn vocational skills in an area they enjoy, access community services and activities and become an engaged, happy and successful member of the community following the completion of high school.


SASED has made more information and resources available to community members, families, district representatives and professional staff.  Guests and families can access information through the Parent Resources link at the top of this page.  SASED district administrators and professional staff can access forms and information through the MySASED portal at the top of the page.

Contact Information

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