Inclement Weather

Students in cold weather looking at school

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

As winter weather season is here, we would like to review some of the factors that contribute to closing schools and declaring an emergency day(s) in the event of inclement weather.  This letter also serves as a reminder of how and when you can expect to be notified.

As in recent years, SASED has worked closely with our member districts’ superintendents regarding student attendance and transportation during inclement weather.  SASED and its member districts are committed to a process that ensures the safety and well-being of all students.  The ongoing communication with member districts assures that these decisions will be made as soon as possible.  SASED students use multiple transportation carriers and making timely decisions is imperative.

SASED program classrooms located in member districts’ buildings will follow the host district's weather decisions and the host district calendar.  A “snow day” or  an emergency day will be made up on another day during the remainder of the school year.  In the event of an emergency day, SASED or the host district could utilize an E-Learning day.

On an E-Learning day, students will learn from home to maintain the continuity of learning.  An E-Learning day is considered a full day of learning; therefore, an emergency day would not need to be made up at the end of the school year.  E-Learning days are only available in districts and SASED who have an approved E-Learning program.  The decision to use an E-Learning day instead of an emergency day will be made by the SASED Executive Director in consultation with the member districts’ Superintendent.  If possible, students and staff will be notified of a potential E-Learning day before the end of the school day prior to a closure.  Students will be reminded to bring home their devices (iPads and/or Chrome books). 

If school is closed, SASED will notify you by 5:30 a.m. the day of the closing.  Again, if possible, we will make the determination the night before to close school.  When the predicted forecast of severe weather warrants closure,  we will attempt to notify you between 6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.  Please be informed that when school is closed due to inclement weather, all extracurricular programs will be canceled. 

SASED will send out an email notice when closing a school and make phone calls.  SASED will also update its website and the Emergency Closing Center website ( for  Southeast School and the SASED Transition Program as soon as a decision has been made.