Who We Are

Teacher reading a book to a student in a wheelchairSASED was established in 1958 with 35 member districts, providing a meaningful joint agreement for multiple Illinois school districts. Through this agreement, specialized and cost-efficient special education services were made available, governed by a Board of Directors which included one representative from each of the 18 districts that became members. This board operated similarly to a local school district board of education, meeting monthly to ensure these services could meet the needs of their members.

Special education cooperatives provide a variety of services to its member districts and their communities. These services range from shared personnel between districts, access to specialized equipment or therapies, coordinate with outside service providers, develop professional development opportunities for staff members, advocate for student rights and provide educational/vocational programs which meet individual needs. Special education cooperatives also work to ensure that all students receive equal access to quality special education services regardless of where they live. Additionally, the cooperative assists member districts in providing resources to support the social-emotional needs of their students by providing training on positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS), engaging in mental health initiatives, and addressing social issues in the community.

Special education joint agreements are established by multiple Illinois school districts in order to provide optimal special education services. These agreements, mandated by the 105 ILCS 5/10-22.31 and the Illinois School Code, 2012, p.297, cover all aspects of special education, ranging from necessary facilities to professional staff members and more.

Articles of Agreement

SASED is an independent legal entity.  Our articles of agreement explain how we are organized and the governing bodies that oversee our operations.  

Articles of Joint Agreement